Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#501)
Date:  Wed 1/24/2001 3:49 PM -0800

ATMJH always seems to surface after protracted hibernations with guest posts. A
guest post from Sathya []. Looking forward to more
from him...



Here is my debut guest song - my favourite Voice renders it.


       Song:     Yaad jab aaye teri, apni guzri zindagi,
                 Yaad kar leta hoon main, aah bhar leta hoon main

       Film:     Mohar (1959)
       Singer:   Talat Mahmood
       Music:    Madan Mohan

One of the finest compositions of Madan Mohan. Today's hullaboo over the
Madan-Lata songs astonishes me no end. For, when it comes to sheer quality of
songs, I dont think the Lata numbers match up to the magnificent compositions
that the Madan-Talat combo gave us.

Quite well known that Madan "stole" Sajjad's "Yeh hawa yeh raat" for one of his
compositions. here, one detects a strong Sajjad touch in the orchestrization as
well. In fact, the first time I heard it (I will never forget the night - it was
12:30AM and I was preparing for my University exams for the next day - and the
whole exam, this song was ringing through my ears), I concluded it to be a
Sajjad composition. Only later was I proved wrong.

Anyway, no complains. Its a wondrous composition. And IMHO, outshines evry other
song in the film (though Hemant da's "Kho gaye jane kahan" is also brilliantly
done). Talat is brilliant - his Voice transcends the notes so beautifully with
such an apparent lack of effort. Esp the part

                     Yeh andhere raaste, hain mere hi vaaste,
                     thokre khata rahoon, ashq barsaata rahoon....

Its Talat - Madan at their best....



Guest Author: Sathya [ ]