Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#507)
Date: Mon, 06 May 2002 20:39:18 -0700



       Song:   chandaniya nadiya beech nahaaye
               o sheetal jal men aag lagaaye
               ke chanda dekh dekh muskaaye
               ho raama ho raama ho
       Film:   Anjaan (1956)
       Singer: Hemant Kumar
       Music:  Hemant Kumar
       Lyrics: Rajendra Krishna
       *ing:   Pradeep Kumar, Vyjayantimala

Ok, I managed to get this in just in time to avoid an unhealthy
statistic for ATMJH - a full year of hibernation. Apologies for the
vanishing act. Also, as one of the inevitable by-products of an OS
upgrade, my digitizing machinery for songs living on cassettes has
developed a strange behavior - I cannot hear the song while it is
recording. So apologies in advance for any souhtward travel in audio
quality. In fact, I'd be grateful if someone can tell me exactly how
(bad) it sounds, so I can investigate other means if this is not

Here's a song I've been meaning to write about for (a year now?). A
wonderful quintessential Hemantda tune that has made its way to atleast
one series on RMIM before - Neha posted this on the Hemantda series
about three years ago. The ambience that this vibrant melody evokes is,
honestly enough to the words, a bubbly, flowing stream. Something that
permeates into the delightful visuals of the song as well.
Vyjayantimala, in a dress rehearsal act for her Sangam bath eight years
later, soaks in a mountain brook giving her best pretense at bashfulness
as Pradeep Kumar serenades on relentlessly through a prolific array of

     parbat parbat ghoom ke aayi ye albeli dhaara
     kya jaane kis aasmaan se toota hai ye taara
     shola ban ke phool kamal ka jal men behta jaaye
     ho raama ho raama ho...

Two of the most precious facets of Hemantda's musical artistry are
embodied in this lovely ditty - capturing the essence of a scene in a
tune, and concomitantly infusing an infectious vitality into it through
his warm rendition. I cannot imagine anyone else singing this song - the
slight softening at the 'ho raama ho's is beautiful, as are the higher
'o-o' notes in the antaraas. Vintage Hemantda - not just this song but
the entire soundtrack of ANJAAN. Pity none of the songs are available
commercially (to the best of my knowledge).


Audio clip:    507.rm

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Author: Hrishi Dixit