Subject: Abhi To Main Jawan Hun (#508)
Date: Thu, 09 May 2002 08:04:05 -0700



       Song:   keh rahi hai raat andheri ye jahaan kuchh bhi nahiin
               chaand suraj aur zameen-o-aasmaan kuchh bhi nahiin

       Film:   Hyderabad Ki Nazneen (1952)
       Singer: Talat Mahmood
       Music:  Vasant Desai
       Lyrics: Noor Lucknowi
       *ing:   Nigar Sultana, Wasti

Four years today (May 9) since Talat passed on. A few of his forgotten
contributions in remembrance.

I have had a rather strange affinity for this song ever since I first
heard it. Probably because that's exactly what it is, a strange song. It
has a weird, surreal, other-wordly quality to it- an unusual symmetric
tune, a choral backdrop that starts with the prelude and continues
throughout, and an extremely striking rhythmic base - resonant and
echoing drums that enhance the mysterious aura of the song. Wonderful
rendition by Talat.

Then there's the words, a forlorn statement on the meaninglessness of
everything. And the music infuses an ominous undertone to the whole
musical experience...

  kuchh yahaan ke vaaste kar kuchh vahaan ke vaaste
  intehaan ye intehaan hai aur yahaan kuchh bhi nahiin

I don't know, this may sound like a rather overwrought deconstruction
ofthe song, but it's just the way the song makes me feel I guess. It
seems to take you somewhere, somehow, or even more, it draws you into
its world. It's a masterful composition. I don't remember what visuals
go with it in the movie, it's been a while since I saw it.

Songs from this movie have cropped up on several occasions on RMIM,
thrice before on ATMJH itself. This is one of Vasant Desai's gloriously
forgotten contributions to HFM - a modestly sized but truly enhanting
soundtrack of six beautiful songs, crowned by Raj Kumari's magnificent
'nazron men samaane se qaraar aa na sakega'. My other favorite is Lata's
'jaao chamka subah ka sitaara', which is cast into a similarly surreal
musical setting.


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Author: Hrishi Dixit