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ik bagiyaa me.n rahatii hai ik mainaa ... huu la la laa - Sapney (1997)  

Lyrics: Javed Akhtar | Music: A R Rahman | Singer(s): Chitra, Shankar Mahadevan, Shreeni 
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ik bagiyaa me.n rahatii hai ik mainaa %(there is a canary living in a garden) puuchhatii hai ki bolo kyaa hai kahanaa %(it asks that say what is there to say) meraa hasii.n hai kyaa %(is my color beautiful) meraa hasii.n hai kyaa %(are my limbs beautiful) kabhii puuchhe to meraa javaab yahii hogaa %(if she asks sometime what will my answer be) ek hai raasataa raste me.n gaa.Dii gaa.Dii me.n hai la.Dakii %(there is one path, there is a vehicle on the path, there is a girl in the vehicle) mai.nne jo puuchhaa r.ang saa.Dii kaa vo bolii dhanak jaisaa %(when i asked what is the color of your saari, she said that it is like evening sky) rimajhim barase jalatii-tapatii dharatii pe jo kabhii paanii %(when the water showers on the burning, hot land sometime) uThe dharatii se sau.ndhii-sau.ndhii Kushbu_o.N kii dhanake.n suhaanii %(the rainbows of sweet smell of soil rise from the land) jhuume jaa jhuume jaa zi.ndagii ke phal ko_ii pyaar se chakhe to miiThe hai.n %(swing, swing, if somebody tastes the fruits of life, with love, then it is sweet) jhuume jaa jhuume jaa pa.nchhiyo.n ke sur ko_ii dhyaan se sune to miiThe hai.n %(swing, swing, if somebody listens to the sound of birds, paying attention, then it is sweet) kaano.n me.n hai.n mere saarii duniyaa ki aavaaze.n %(in my ears are there the sounds of the entire world) unase banii tasviire.n ka_ii %(several photos are formed from them) jhuume jaa jhume jaa raahii tuu jhuume jaa bhuul jaa pareshaaniyaa.N %(swing, swing, o traveller, you swing, forget the difficulties) jhuume jaa jhuume jaa jab tak hai jiivan me.n ye sardii-garmii ye havaa %(swing, swing, as long as there is this winter, summer and this air in the life) jhuume jaa jhuume jaa duniyaa me.n har dil ko hai giit ko_ii to milaa %(swing, swing, every heart in this world has got some song, at least) giito.n me.n hai.n jinake pyaare sapano.n kii duniyaaye.n %(there are the worlds of lovely dreams in the songs of whom) unako milatii hai raahe.n na_ii %(those receive new pathways) jhuume jaa jhuume jaa baadal jo hai garajaa dil pe banii parachhaa_iyaa.N %(swing, swing, because cloud has thundered making shadows on the heart)
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