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kabhii dil dil se Takaraataa to hogaa - Anokhi Ada (1948)  

Lyrics: Shakeel | Music: Naushad | Singer(s): Mukesh 
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kabhii dil dil se Takaraataa to hogaa-2 unhe meraa Khayaal aataa to hogaa-2 naa rukate ho.nge jab aa.Nkho.n me aa.Nsuu-2 aa.Nkho.n me aa.Nsuu to paimaanaa to paimaanaa chhalak jaataa to hogaa unhe ... vo paa lete to ho.nge dil pe kaabu, dil pe kaabu-2 unhe ye bhii-2 kamaal aataa to hogaa kabhii dil ...
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