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chain nahi.n aae kahaa.N dil jaae - Samundar (1957)  

Lyrics: Rajinder Krishan | Music: Madan Mohan | Singer(s): Lata 
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chain nahii.n aae, kahaa.N dil jaae sajanavaa ho, balamavaa ho chain nahii.n aae ... patajha.D chhaaii, chhaaii udaasii priit ka.Nval murajhaae paas nahii.N jab tum hii saajan man kaise muskaae man kaise muskaae chain nahii.n aae ... aauu.n to aauu.n piyaa kaise mai.n aauu.n tose milan kii raah na paauu.n raah na paauu.n chain nahii.n aae ...
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